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Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

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Baby and adult brains ‘sync up’ during play

Summary: Researchers detect measurable similarities in brain activity between babies and adults during play. Source: Princeton University Have you ever played with a baby and felt a sense of connection, even though they couldn’t yet talk to you. A team of Princeton researchers has conducted the first study of how baby and adult brains interact…

Alcohol and depression

In this article, learn more about the links between alcohol and depression , as well as when to see a doctor. Alcohol can make a person feel depressed and may even trigger or worsen depression. Depression is also a risk factor for using alcohol, since people who feel depressed may use alcohol to ease their…

Why Good Communication Skills are Important with Dr. Dawn-Elise Snipes

Social relationships are one of the greatest buffers against stress, but poor communication or unhealthy relationships tend to also be one of the greatest sources of stress. Communication has three components: words, voice tone and non-verbal clues. Of these, some are more effective in delivering a message than others. According to research, in a conversation…